Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Next Board Meeting is Saturday, Feb 15

The next Pickleball Board meeting will be held this Saturday at 9:30 am in the Santa Rita Room.  An agenda will be posted on the small bulletin board by court #5.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Third Annual Voyager Resident's Tournament

Sign-up now for this fun round robin tournament for Voyager residents only.  You can register by clicking here Tournament Info.  Registration ends on February 21st.

New this year: two tier levels for 3.0 and 3.5 players; matches will be one game to 11, win by 1.  The skill levels for this tournament are:
3.0 Upper and 3.0 Lower
3.5 Upper and 3.5 Lower

Event schedule:
Wed, Feb 26 - singles
Fri, Feb 28 - men's and women's doubles
Sat, Mar 1 - mixed doubles

Come join in a celebration of the winners, a fundraising raffle and a social potluck on the patio on Saturday, March 1st, time to be announced.

Raffle Prizes Needed

Pot Luck & Medal Awards - Saturday March 1st

I am looking for donations to be raffled off during the get together after the finish of our 3rd annual Resident's Pickleball tournament. In past years we have received donations of beautiful home made jewelry, paintings done by Voyager artists, wine, gift certificates for home made meals, dry fit tee shirts, etc., etc. All money raised from the raffle will go to the Pickleball club.

If you have anything you would like to donate please contact me, Joanne Oehlenschlaeger , at 4237 or 520-918-4237 or you can drop off any donations at site 11 -251.

Thank you for your generosity,

Friday, January 31, 2014

Tucson Senior Olympic Festival Tournament A Success

This was the 8th year for the Tucson Senior Olympic Festival's Pickleball Tournament.  Voyager has the been the host since inception.  The 2014 tournament was held from January 14th-17th with a record 280 participants and beautiful weather.  A special thank you to the 100+ volunteers who made this event such a success.

Here is a list of our Voyager medalists:

                  - GOLD -
3.5  70+ Mixed Doubles - Paul Barksdale
4.0  50+ Men's Doubles - Len Leitch and David Liem
4.0  50+ Women's Doubles - Deb Willcoxon
4.5  50+ Women's Doubles - Terry Lavigne

                 - SILVER -
4.0  70+ Mixed Doubles - Pothen Varughese & Norene Stafford

                - BRONZE -
4.0  50+ Women's Doubles - Cindy Meekin & Jackie Harvey

Congratulations!  Check out the pictures at TSO PHOTOS.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Structured Play Begins Next Monday, January 6

Welcome back to all our pickleball players!  The Club's Structured Play program begins next Monday, January 6th and continues until March 28th.  There are 3 sessions of structured play each afternoon, Monday - Friday, between 12:45 and 5:00 pm.  Check out the schedule and session descriptions by clicking on the link under Club Information on the right hand side of this blog or by clicking here: 2013-14 Structured Play Schedule.  Take another minute to review the two "Things to Know..." articles, also on the right.  All of these items are also posted on the big bulletin board by Court #5.  Remember to arrive 15 minutes early to sign up since the number of players for each event is capped.

If you had a chance to play in the pre-season structured play sessions in November and December, take a minute to thank Sheila Boyle and Jane & Chuck Gilmore for volunteering to run them when you see them next time.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Tucson Senior Olympics 50+ 3.5 Mixed Doubles is Full

The 50+ 3.5 mixed doubles event has more than 28 teams registered.  Those teams who did not make the cutoff at 28 teams will be placed on a waiting list to replace any teams that drop out.  ALL OTHER EVENTS ARE STILL TAKING REGISTRATIONS.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Meet Our New General Manager on Jan. 11

Rick Tubaugh, the new Voyager RV Resort general manager, is coming to the Pickleball Club's next board meeting on January 11th at 9:30am in the Catalina Room.  Rick will answer questions about pickleball only.  All questions must be submitted in writing in advance of the meeting.  There is an envelope on the small bulletin board by court #5, marked "January Meeting Questions", where you can submit your questions or comments.  Don't pass up this opportunity to meet Rick and hear about his plans for pickleball.